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Does Facebook’s ‘Boost Post’ Marketing Actually Work?

I spend a little bit of money marketing my website (ExPastors.com), not a ton but I hope to ramp it up as the end of the year approaches. Mostly that has been done through Facebook campaigns but I’ve began to dabble a bit in the Twitter universe as well.

Recently, to do a non-scientific test of my own, I paid $5 to promote a post on Facebook.

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Why Did I Give Away My Book for Free on Amazon? Or, How I Lost $4,004

A few days ago, I gave away my book, Why Pastors Quit, for free on Amazon. In doing so, a handful of people asked why I would do such a thing. If I could give only one answer, although there are many, it would be this: The exposure was worth every penny.

And when I say “penny,” I am speaking quite literally.

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We Know Jesus the Savior, But Have We Met Jesus, Prince of Peace?

I’m not particularly fond of writing book reviews. There have only been a handful I’ve written and shared publicly. Some, off the top of my head, were: What Good Is God? by Philip Yancey, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller (a book I heavily disliked), and now, A Farewell to Mars by Brian Zahnd.

Mostly, when I started reading Zahnd’s book, I hated it.

Not the love-hate, like I really hate that I love this book kind of hate. No, it was more like the I really hate what he is saying kind of hate.

But that didn’t last very long.

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What I Do Today is Far More Important Than What I Did Yesterday

I’ve found myself sitting in a big, reclining leather chair. It’s one of two that face a large window that overlooks the back patio of my parent’s house. If you were sitting next to me, you’d see a little stream that trickles through the middle of their back yard and pours out into Thomas Creek.

It’s a beautiful site and a scene I’ve witnessed countless times: the towering trees that cast deep shadows across the property, the stream that widens into the creek, and the sense of peace that comes with each breath you breathe.

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